As the spaces we live in become smaller and smaller due to urbanisation and the ever-increasing cost of property, the importance of using the space we have available to its best advantage becomes critical. This short article points out the eight most important factors to consider when renovating a small space.

Function first

Identify what your spacial needs are and how you’ll use your home. What is your lifestyle; do you like to entertain, do you need office space, etc.? Take a look at our gallery for some ideas if you’re not sure.

Build in storage everywhere

Today, the biggest problem facing property owners is that there never seems to be enough storage, especially with space being at such a premium in the increasingly urban (and cramped) environments we live in. Look to install storage in overlooked places, such as under the sofa and bed, recessed storage in the bathroom, pull-out closets and the like.

Free up the floor plan

Photo by Lincoln Barbour courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

When planning renovating a small space, use as little space as possible for “circulation”, in other words, hallways, staircases and walkways through rooms, as these take up a large amount of valuable space. One way of achieving this is through the use of built-in living room sofas. These sectional sofas will make a space feel much more open and roomy. Note the clever use of windows to allow tons of natural light to enter.

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