Sometimes you need a professional home renovator to do the job.

Some home renovation or improvement projects are easy enough to be attempted by yourself but there are times when you definitely need to call in the professionals. This is where Renovations by Justin comes in. Doing home improvements the right way can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Planning can save a lot of time, money and hassle.
Good planning goes a long way

Go Pro: Planning the renovation

Before rushing into a home renovation and starting to think of all the things you want to have done, it’s best to slow down and take a good look at everything that lies head, taking into account the costs and schedule very carefully. In this case, it pays to get a professional in who’s used to doing this kind of work and to think strategically about the entire project. It’s important to break the project down into phases and to strategise, factoring in materials required, cost, time and anticipated problems.

DIY: Materials

A major part of DIY renovations that can be taken on by yourself is the purchasing of materials, equipment and appliances. Things such as tiles, cabinet and kitchen fixtures, doors, and so on, are a number of materials that you can pick up yourself at a local hardware store like Builders or even Makro. Consult with your renovator and decide on exactly what materials will be needed for the job, then go out and buy them yourself. This way, you can save time, leaving the renovation team to get on with more important things, such as preparing the space for renovation.

Go Pro: Structural Repairs

It’s simple. A homeowner should not affect any of the structural aspects of his/her house. This should be done exclusively by a professional contractor, renovator and in some cases, for major structural changes or repairs, by an architect or engineer. If you have an old home, you should prepare yourself for a few surprises as well. It’s hard to know with certainty what you’ll find when you start opening up the walls of a home that is decades or perhaps centuries old.

DIY: Light Demolition

It’s not advisable to take a chainsaw or a sledgehammer to the walls of your house, but DIY renovation such as some light demolition work can certainly be done by yourself. Taking down things like unwanted cabinets, appliances, fixtures, tile work and mouldings or pulling up floorboards or carpets. Since you’re taking things apart carefully, piece-by-piece, and not touching anything structurally, you shouldn’t run into any troubles. It should go without saying though that you need to be careful, wear protective clothing and gear, and if you run into any issues such as asbestos or mould, call in a professional immediately.